Easy Colour is a leading producer of flowering annuals and an extensive range of herbs and vegetables.

The Easy Colour team is highly motivated to produce superior products that are easy find, easy to use, easy to grow. We’ve done all the hard work so that you can enjoy instant colour!

Easy Colour is the brand of Prestonholme Nurseries, a third generation nursery business operating from Hamilton, Victoria.

In 2006 Prestonholme Nurseries revolutionised the Australian seeding market with the introduction of the Easy Colour Pack with its unique pop-out system of packaging for annuals, vegetables and herbs.

Easy Colour makes gardening so easy. Easy Colour flowers are available in a distinctive purple pack containing 6 advanced plants.

The unique “Pop-Out” system enables easy removal for planting.  The varieties we have chosen are ideal for planting in feature pots, or garden beds.  As they are already in flower they provide months of vibrant colour from the instant they are planted.

An extensive herb and vegetable range provides advanced plants in the same easy to use purple packs. The Easy Colour pack with its pop-out base allows the plant to grow a strong root system that is easily removed for transplanting, ensuring strong plants that will provide excellent results in pots or garden beds.

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